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Our principal supplier of furniture is committed to caring about the environment and not only recognises but appreciates that their operations may have an impact on the environment locally and ultimately globally. They believe it is their obligation to consider all aspects of their products' impact on the environment throughout their life cycle: From raw material selection, right through to sustainable production methods as well as the reduction of waste and pollution in all aspects of their manufacturing process.
They are, and will continue to address the latest environmental issues through their ISO14001 Environmental Management System, which is under constant review and assessment so as to ensure that it continually evolves to suit the ever-changing needs of the environment we live in, our customers, the legislation that they must adhere to as well as their corporate needs.
They are committed to continual improvement in all aspects which is reflected in their ISO 9001 accreditation, of which environmental concerns form a substantive part.
Their commitment to the environment is also reflected in their stated aim to achieve the best environmental ratings outcome possible, for their entire product range.